I’m excited to be speaking this September at DPharm’s Disruptive Innovations conference in Boston. I’ll be joined by industry veterans to discuss how advanced, cloud-based collaboration platforms allow study sponsors, CROs, and sites to dramatically reduce study startup timelines, eliminate bottlenecks, and reduce costs. Never before has there been such a great opportunity for CROs, sponsors, and sites to work together, in the cloud, to face these challenges head-on.

Collaboration focuses on processes. Providing visibility and transparency of information between partners across the globe is an important part of the value proposition, and one element of a broader model that can indicate how far you have to go to be a study startup leader. What does it mean to be a “laggard” or a “leader” in study startup, and how can a sponsor or CRO most efficiently go from the former to the latter?

goBalto recently released a white paper outlining our Study Startup Maturity Model—a framework for categorizing the maturity of a company’s study startup processes, people, data, and integration. We interviewed 200 clinical operations professionals across 100 organizations and found that the vast majority of executives placed themselves on the “fundamental” or “laggard” end of the maturity scale.

How does it work? New organizations begin at the bottom of the maturity scale and evolve as processes and tools are deployed to achieve these key results:

  • processes are implemented consistently internally and with partner organizations
  • people (internal team and external partners) are aligned; executives support goals and process improvements
  • tools help track status, identify bottlenecks, and help optimize the work
  • systems are integrated to provide access to information and enable proactive response to changing conditions and requirements

In addition to achieving “leader” results, organizations that consistently meet goals have repeatable processes. To help sponsors and CROs map a course from laggard to leader and improve their level of maturity in study startup capabilities, goBalto implemented our proprietary FAST study startup model.

To become a mature SSU process organization, you need to deploy processes and tools that help you go….

Most organizations want to and are actively seeking to achieve leadership, but simply don’t have the process methodologies in place to support a mature SSU leadership model. goBalto’s FAST model provides these methodologies.

If you’ll be at the Disruptive Innovations conference, let’s talk. Find me on September 12th when I present at the Emerging and Enabling Technology Series. Looking forward to seeing you.

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