Most organizations don’t have a clear picture of how proficient they are at starting clinical trials, but most recognize they can do better. In fact, the majority of executives rate their organizations as laggards when it comes to study startup maturity. They don’t have the processes, people, data, and integration required to dramatically reduce startup timelines and achieve their goals.

Yet, most organizations want to – and actively seek to – achieve leadership in study startup—they simply don’t have the process methodologies in place to get there.

Are you like most organizations, lagging behind? Perhaps you’ve taken steps to integrate internal systems to some degree. Maybe you’re further along than most and you have repeatable processes that allow you to consistently achieve your goals.

Knowing where you are today is the first step in identifying how far you have to go to become a study startup leader.

Now you can test your study startup maturity!

Take goBalto’s Study Startup Maturity Quiz and find out where you currently fall on the study startup maturity scale. The quiz is based on interviews with 200 clinical operations professionals across 100 organizations. It provides a framework for categorizing the maturity of a company’s study startup processes, people, data, and integration.

Answer 14 key questions to see if you’re a laggard, established, or a leader. Once you have your results, then let’s talk about what processes and tools you need to deploy to:

  • Find and proactively eliminate bottlenecks
  • Align teams and partners to ensure sponsors, CROs, and sites see the same real-time results
  • Systems are integrated to reduce duplicate entry and provide anytime access to data
  • Track and improve performance with global milestone and critical path tracking

Click here to take the quiz.


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In his role of Senior VP of Customer Service, Elliot Zimmerman oversees goBalto‘s Customer Success and Customer eXperience divisions. He has over 17 years of experience with enterprise systems implementations and operations, support, and account management. Connect with Elliot on LinkedIn.



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